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SmartStyles - for Microsoft Word

productsstyles and auto‑numbering


SmartStyles is a highly effective system for organisations producing documents that require consistency of house style through paragraph styles and auto‑numbering.


The SmartStyles environment is straightforward to use and for clarity, employs a minimum number of styles.

However, its underlying design and impressive functionality provide a comprehensive solution that conventional methods cannot achieve.

A companion product, SmartTOCs produces sophisticated custom tables of contents to firms' requirements at the click of a button.



Makes Word much more suitable for long, auto‑numbered documents and optimises numbering reliability.


Provides a more friendly, efficient and informative environment for users.


Works with your house style and provides controlled and hassle‑free flexibility if required.  Works with departmental, corporate client and third party styles.


Instantly provides all the functionality needed to work effectively with styles without bespoke development work.


Enables easier interchange of documents with any firm using logical styles and auto‑numbering and seamlessly with firms also using SmartStyles.


Enhances the creation, editing, storage and usage of Word styles and auto‑numbering.




The SmartStyles toolbar is unique.  It adapts to the styles present in the current document, automatically configuring itself to the numbering and continuation styles it finds.  This means:


Users don't find themselves wondering what styles are in the document and clicking on style buttons that don't work!


The SmartStyles toolbar can be used on documents created outside your system e.g. a document in a legacy house style or corporate client/third party styles.


If your firm uses different toolbars to work with different styles, they can be replaced by the SmartStyles toolbar, which is always the correct toolbar for the current document.





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Works with your firm's styles strategy


Work with default styles sets for simplicity or allow users to select from a range of stored styles sets for flexibility.


Allow users to create and edit their own numbering schemes if required or restrict use to predefined schemes.



Helps you work with auto‑numbering

Whether your firm works with one numbering scheme in a document or more than one, SmartStyles helps.


If your documents require only one numbering scheme for the whole document: use SmartStyles together with SmartTOCs table of contents system to generate the table of contents your business requires without the need for additional style sets.


If your documents require different numbering in different areas of a document: use SmartStyles to simplify working with multiple outline sets and reduce errors.



Configuration and customisation


SmartStyles provides a series of modular, configurable components that allow you to stay in control.  You decide on the features made available to users at a company, group and even individual level.


Advanced users can benefit from powerful features, while standard users benefit from simple features.


Customise SmartStyles through the SmartStyles API.



Styles corruption early warning

When a document is opened, SmartStyles performs a 'behind the scenes' styles analysis and warns the user if it finds a corrupt style so that corrective action can be taken before problems multiply or deadlines approach.



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