Document Engine

Easy document creation and template management.

The template management system that works for lawyers and legal business.


Manage brand and document consistency.

Eliminate custom code.


DMS integration - iManage, NetDocuments

Integrated data into documents.


Automated document referencing and filing gives lawyers consistency and ensures traceability of the new documents they create. 


Integrated with the Office Ribbon and Backstage views, users access templates and assemble documents in a familiar and up to date interface.​


Managed and clearly presented template options to ensure the right template for the right office, region or language.​

Brand and Template Management 

Branded templates in customisable menus and document creation forms help you to choose and create the right document for the purpose, office, legal entity, region or language. 

Manages brand elements such as logos, office addresses, legal disclaimers, house formatting, colour schemes and images enabling law firms to maintain and develop a wide range of standardised brand documents.


Integrated with your key systems

 Integrated with your existing data systems, Document Engine populates new documents with your firm, people and client information without the need for you to maintain user profiles and data in a separate system. 


Closer integration between Word and your Document Management System improves document creation workflows and user experience, increasing the speed and consistency of document profiling and saving of documents to your DMS. 

Document Automation and Productivity Tools

Add and remove optional text, insert team bios and deal summaries, insert standard sections and automate a range of routine tasks to improve productivity, increase consistency and reduce errors. 

Standardise marketing and other branded documents and presentations, so that both fee earners and business development professionals can efficiently create and edit content maintaining brand consistency. 

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