Complete legal Word productivity solution

SmartStyles is a document formatting toolkit that automates your low value formatting tasks.

Save over 80% of reformatting time on any legal document


Reformat and rebrand documents to your house style

Fix problems in documents belonging to you or a third party


Check formatting quality and stability of your precedents


Automated document restyling and clean-up of whole documents, batches of documents or selected text.


Fully integrated in the Office user experience, Word is customised for effective legal document editing and drafting.


Every element of your house style is fully managed, ensuring consistency and ease of use in any legal  document. 

House Style

A comprehensive set of standard features are fully configurable to your requirements without any custom code. 

Quick and easy insertion of house style content and formatting without the need for expert Word skills. 

Key market and regulatory standards applied including the UKDEG standard style names and Loan Market Association styles. 


Cross References

Convert typed cross references into fully automated Word cross references.

Repair multiple broken cross references with a single action.

Insert cross references to a house style standard and format.


Problem Documents

Easy editing and reformatting of client,  PDF and OCR generated documents. 

Intelligent style-apply buttons for easy editing of house style and third party documents.

Report on and fix a comprehensive range of sources of document corruption and instability.


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